Thursday, February 16, 2012

Granny, Grandma, Nanny, Nan, Nana

All words I didn't think I would hear to soon but it seams nature has a different idea so just after my 39th birthday this year I will become a Nana.

My eldest Daughter is expecting her first child in Sept, she will be 19 the same age I was when I had her. The saddest part for me is she lives several hours away with her boyfriend, who seams so be a wonderful guy and a pleasure to have added to our family of girls.

Now will it be a boy to break with our family's run or another girl to add to the already kayo tic lives we lead.

But please no more until I'm 50...........

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finally a photo of all 8 kids together

5th Birthday for Alannah

Had to be a Scooby Doo one I stayed up until 2am finishing her cake so it would be a suprise on sunday morning.

First Day of Big School

Miss Alannah has been waiting for this moment for months now counting down the day of pre-school until big school (kindy) started.

She had to wait for Christmas, Holidays, pre-school to finish, some of her sisters start the new year of school, her big sister going back to high school and then had to sit an interview with the kindy teachers all before she could put on her uniform, pack her bag, pick out some lunch and head to kindy.

Green Tara Jan DT work

Scooby doo loving girl

My 5yr daughter is Scooby mad and to make matters worse they only make Scooby boys clothes and toys, so she has been collecting the soft teddies. It was a little confronting to add flowers and ribbons to a somewhat Halloween page but overall I'm happy with the end result as is my daughter who carried the page around for a day lol.

String in black - To create the spiders web and spider.
Skeleton leaves in silver - I scrunched these up in my hands to give a warn look.
Gardenias in black - These have been sprayed with a silver glitter Glimmer Mist.
Copper leaves in small
Natural Jute ribbon
Organza Splatter ribbon in blue - Due to having a wire edge it was easy to create a crease in the ribbon to give it a ruffled look.
Organza Stripe in black - Used to create the ribbon flower, pull the wire out of one side of the ribbon completely then with the remaining wire bend one end over so it can't pull thru. Start to pull on the other end of the wire while pushing the ribbon down the wire so that the ribbon begins to gather, once you have it completely gathered you can cut off the excess wire and bend the two ends of the wires together to create a rosette flower.