Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Green Tara Design Team July

I managed to get in one layout the week before bubs was born for my DT work. Created using Green Tara products.

Photo of Briony with her fav doll this poor doll went everywhere with her it never left her side. It lost its head a few times alone with an arm and a leg, now years later we still have the doll packed away for her and even at almost 9 years of age she still has a fond attachment to a replacement doll that looks the exact same only a little smaller and so far it has kept all its limbs intact (for now)

And this layout created using the left over papers from the above layout but doesn't contain any green tara products

Baby Imogen has arrived

Yes I know Im a little late with posts but she hasn't been the happiest baby in the world and after having angel babies that sleep right thu the night from only a few weeks old she is giving me a run for my money.

You would think that after having already having 2 reflux babies she would be easy, but my other 2 girls were happy chuckers little miss Imogen is not she aften wakes up screaming, is difficult to feed and hates to sleep more than 10 mins at a time. However she is a good girl sometimes and maybe once or twice a day she will have a 3hr sleep now that she has started taking meds for the reflux.
So now that I have a few spare seconds mind you I am doing this with her on my lap I thought I would share a few pics.



Imogen May Born 17th June 2011 weighing in as our heaviest girl at 7p 13oz or 3550g

A bit of a shock after having 5 to 6 pound babies

Day 2

Poor Sick Shyanne was unable to hold bubby with her very high temp

Coral - Imogen's second mum to be

This one was taken about a week later