Monday, November 12, 2012

"Reverse Canvas"
Novembers Green Tara DT work

I covered the top and bottom half of the canvas with different papers in blue and green tones to represent the sky and grass then lightly painted over the paper with a watered down white paint.
Using a brick template I created a brick wall with texture paste and distress inks. The brick wall also follows on inside the canvas. Adding a small stamped bird cage.
Adding several pieces of chipboard each one inked in several colours, the fence has had a treatment of white crackle paint. Using Green Tara wire cord I have twisted it around the fence and up the blossom tree to create a creeping vine adding flower soft and Green Tara roses for flowers on the vine.
Adding a cluster of beautiful flowers & leaves from Green Tara, I wanted smaller leaves but only had large ones left so I cut a maple leaf into 3 smaller ones . The darker flowers have had their tips lightly inked in white to tone them down a touch.

With Green Tara's new velvet rose taking the lime light, these flowers are beautiful and soft with a velvet feel and look.
Green Tara Products Used
Velvet Rose Lavender - CODE: XF9217L
Wire Cord Green - CODE: RB1164Gr
Maple leaves copper 4.5cm - CODE: LA7C
White paper leaves 1.5cm - CODE: LA13Wh
Mini rosebud ivory - CODE: FDV025Iv
Roses 1cm ivory - CODE: FDR001Iv
Roses 1.5cm Turquoise - CODE: FDR003Tu
Apple blossoms plum - CODE: FDV044PL
Cherry blossoms white - CODE: FLC22Wh
Cherry blossoms sea green - CODE: FLC22SG
Extra products used - Twiddlybitz & A2Z chipboard, texture paste, distress inks, prima paper, flower soft.

"Christmas Reverse Canvas"
My lovely kids keep telling its almost Christmas time so I thought I would get us into the Christmas spirit. I'm not a gold person and I rarely follow the traditional Christmas colours but I'm trying to challenge myself. I must say creating this was the so much fun and the idea I had in my head came together perfectly. And is totally loaded with lots of Green Tara goodies.
This canvas is 27cm wide and 20cm tall and is and extra deep canvas. I covered the inside and front edges with a gold metallic 12x12 crinkle paper from Green Tara using modge podge, adding extra folds and creases around the front edges. Then painted the rest of the outside edges of the canvas in metallic gold paint but then wiped it down with a tissue leaving only a thin layer of colour. I also white washed the gold paper so it had a softer tone.

The gold cherubs ribbon was painted with a watered down white paint to tone down the gold a little. Beautiful lace used as a garland was inked in golds and green then sprayed with a little water to blend the colours

Bead Garland Red has been wrapped around the tree to add more decoration
Bead Garland in gold and green has been used to create hanging decorations from the roof, Along with 3 flying deers from the reindeer garland that have had a little white paint added to them. I have used a white Xmas wreath and ruffled it up then added metallic gold paint to the tips of the ruffles. Cutting 2 trees from the Xmas tree ribbon I have added white paint to the edges and added them to the mantle for decorations.
The fire place was made from cardboard then bricks made with texture paste, a few sticks from the garden to make logs and a base plate made from a green paper from the Xmas art deco paper range. For the mantle I just used a couple of pieces of timber that are meant to be the corner supports that came with the canvas and painted them white.
Small gifts made from foam blocks and covered in Green Tara papers and wrapped in Green Tara ribbons & bows. Metallic gold trim added to the bottom of the canvas and slightly painted white.

A small cluster of flowers along the tree side of the canvas with wire embellishments that have been slightly painted with white paint in hearts and stars. A Christmas bouquet in gold added under the tree.
Taking a Metal swirl and straighten it, I then twisted it around a paintbrush in small pieces to create flower swirls
Adding a large cluster of flowers of the fire place side including flower sprays, skeleton leaves, paper leaves, roses, apple blossoms, gardenias, and silk flowers. I have painted metallic gold paint on all of the flowers petals and leaves.
Green Tara has a great range of Christmas themed ribbons these are some of the ones I have used.

Green Tara products
Metallic gold crinkle 12x12 paper - CODE: 1212CG
Metallic Cherub ribbon - CODE: RB605MG
Xmas tree ribbons gold - CODE: RB717Go
Bead Garland Gold - CODE: RBY06Go
Bead Garland red - CODE: RBY06R
Bead Garland - green - CODE: RBY06Gr
Gold skeleton leaves - CODE: RTB2G
Red skeleton leaves - CODE: RTB13
Xmas wreath white - CODE: TWX02
Bead garland 8mm square ribbon - CODE: RBY16G
Reindeer garland brown - CODE: RB652Br
Bows white & gold - CODE: BowS
Christmas bouquet gold -
Small red poinsettias - CODE: PFPRS
Small white poinsettias - CODE: PFPWhS
Med Red poinsettias - CODE: PFPRMG
Med white poinsettias - CODE: PFPWhMG
Art deco Xmas green paper pack - CODE: ADX2
Jaipur Red paper - CODE: SHJR
Art deco white and gold paper pack - CODE: ADGW
Mulberry paper handmade white - CODE: 1212HMWh
Wire hearts gold - CODE: WH178Go10
Wire star green - CODE: WS177Em
Wire star red - CODE: WS177R10
Metal swirls red - CODE: MS858R3
Metal swirls green - CODE: MS858Em3
Skeleton leaf paper red & gold -
Ribbon organza hearts glitter gold - CODE: RB330IG15
Metallic gold trim - CODE: RB660MG
Silk flowers with crystals small red - CODE: SDRS60
Gardenias red CODE: FDV054R and white CODE: FDV054Wh
Apple blossoms red CODE: FDV044R and white CODE: FDV044Wh
3 flower spray red CODE: PFSTR and white CODE: PFST1
2cm roses red CODE: FDR006R and white CODE: FDR006Wh
Paper leaves maple in copper - CODE: LA7C
Lace - CODE: L2920W
Extra products used - Texture paste, distress inks, white paint, creative imaginations stickers, misc bird, cameo, brads, Kaiser chipboard.
Linda Thompson
Until next time xxxx

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Can you believe it my very second attempt at
The Color Room
Won me first prize for palette #133
I'm super excited & I know it was the Green Tara goodies that got me over the edge.
Green Tara products
All flowers except the very large one, jute ribbon, paper leaves and skeleton leaves

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Green Tara Goodies"
Check out all these fantastic flowers new from Green Tara and most will be available to purchase from me at in a few days.
Now if you are a Prima Marketing fan like me these flowers will convert you into a Green Tara junkie. With such amazing colours and ranges now available you can't go wrong, to top it off they are a fantastic price.

"My new toy"
I recently went to the penrith papercraft show with hubby in tow I spent way to much and hubby even more than me lol. I used to own a Klic n Kut when I had my store but I sold it due to size and it was just a little to technical for private use. But I have wished over and over again I hadn't sold it, I do have a cricut but hate being limited and not be able to slightly change images etc. So my lovely hubby brought me the new Klic n Kut Zing its a smaller version of what I had can do almost everything the other one could AND IT JUST ARRIVED, now off to find a spot on my desk to have a play. UMMM need to give the 17mths old something to do first lol.