Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Megs Garden DT Share

Hello Megs Garden Fans,I'm back with you again today to
share a cute little gift box.
I'm enjoying created with the wonderful Megs Garden products, they truly are beautiful.

"Gift Box"

I started with the Dreaming in Lavenders paper from the Dreaming in Meadows collection and covered the bottom half of the box in the solid section of the paper, Then cutting out a border piece from the flowers and leaves.

I added a Draw pull handle to the top of the box.

 I covered just the top of the box lid in paper, and added some lace and trim to hide any edge bits that may be showing.

I glued the paper to the bottom of the box then added foam dots to the border piece to give it more dimension, I also added a few random leave cut from the paper into the border.

 & a Lion head knocker to the side.

Topping the top with flowers and a butterfly then applied a small amount of purple ink to the lace & Gesso here and there all over.

Products used
Megs Garden Dreaming in Lavenders paper
other products available from Megs Garden

Draw pull handle
Lions Head
Green Tara flowers & lace

IKEA small gift box

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A little bit of Every Thing Cards

October has been a very busy month 
and I have fallen way behind on everything in my scrappy world.

So I know I shouldn't combine my Design team work but they just all work so well together, and I really didn't want to miss doing work for anyone of my wonderful teams.

"Three Christmas Cards"


"Dear Santa I Believe"

Created using the gorgeous Christmas paper from Fabscrap

Tanya Leigh Designs transparency word circle

Green Tara flowers & FWAB swirls.


Using paper C61 002 cover the front of your card with the part that has the hanging balls run some gold metallic paint around the edge of the card. 

Cut out 2 extra balls from the rest of the paper adding a little gold paint to the edges, add some string & foam adhesive to the back.

Now cut the santa and the word scroll from the same paper and pap foam dots on the backs also.

choose some flowers and embellishments you want to use and layer them onto the bottom half of the card over the top of a piece of cheesecloth and your done

Fabscraps Products
C61 Angelic Christmas Collection 

FWAB Products 
Jasmine Lilac

Tanya Leigh Designs Products
Transparency circle words

Other Products 
Green Tara flowers
Metallic paint


"Merry Christmas"

Again made using Fabscraps Christmas Collection.

Tanya Leigh Designs word circle that has been glimmer misted to match the colours.

Beautiful FWAB flowers and pearls

FWAB swirl


Cover your card in C61 006 using the area that looks like a wall

cut the angels etc out of the corner of the same paper and add foam dots to the back

Collect together some embellishments you want to use and once again layer them onto the bottom half of the card over some cheesecloth. 

Fabscraps Products
C61 Angelic Christmas Collection 

FWAB Products 
Chloe Pearl
New white flowers
Flower from Elise antique brown pack

Tanya Leigh Designs Products
White circle words

Other Products 
Glimmer mist 
Green Tara roses


"Seasons Greeting"

This is the Green Christmas range from Fabscraps

FWAB pearls and Green Tara flowers.

Tanya Leigh Designs handmade pin.

Fabscraps chipboard Title


Using paper C61 004 cover the front of your card then run some gold metallic paint around the edge of the card. 

Now cut the children and tree from C61 003 paper and pap foam dots on the backs also.

Using the chipboard word DC61 003 paint it in gesso, then add a light layer of gold metallic paint to the words followed by a darker layer on the bottom half, then a few touches of silver paint, paint the leaves green and add a rose for berries.

choose some flowers and embellishments you want to use and layer them onto the bottom half of the card over the top of a piece of spiderweb from Halloween and your done.

Fabscraps Products
C61 Angelic Christmas Collection

FWAB Products 
Chloe antique gold

Tanya Leigh Designs Products
Handmade pin

Other Products 
Green Tara flowers
spider web
metallic paint

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Green Tara DT Share

"Dream Catcher"

There are over 20 different Green Tara products on this project, Can you spot them all without looking at the products list.

Lots of Green Tara ribbons in Purples & white.

Memory Maze Dream chippy, painted with Gesso then the purple added with Gelatos.

Tucked in at the side is a Tutu flower in white.

Green Tara white String has been made into a flower and joined up with a gardenia.

A Damask flower take center stage.

Green Tara Petals have been twisted together with stamens to create a new type of flower. I have coloured the flocked stamens purple and teamed them up with some pearl ones.

Green Tara Leaf Ribbon twisted around the Jute Ribbon for more details. 

The foam wreath has been covered in natural Jute ribbon, and a coloured Jute ribbon used for hanging the final product.

Green Tara Products Used





Monday, October 14, 2013

A touch of Pink with Green Tara

"Canvas of Love"

This month I thought I would create something pink for Breast cancer awareness. This is another 8x8" canvas. I covered the canvas in chipboard pieces then the entire canvas was covered in gesso and sprayed with Lindys Stamp Gang sprays and Chalk board sprays. Gelatos were used around the edges of the canvas to give darker colour tones to the edges.

Green Tara Apple blossoms in pink along with a cherry blossom and white rose that I have coloured Green, these beautiful flowers have been teamed up with a corner chipboard from Memory Maze.

Cherry blossoms and another coloured rose with a dusty pink diamante silk flower, Memory Maze chicken wire, rectangle frame, bird cage and bird on a wire.

More Green Tara flowers tucked in here and there. Memory Maze underscore chipboard.

More Green Tara blooms.

Green Tara Mesh ribbon in pink and lace that has been coloured.

Memory Maze little love hearts.

Memory Maze corners.

Products used

Green Tara Ribbons and flowers
Memory Maze chipboard
Lil Davis chipboard letters
Lindys stamp gang sprays

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fabscraps Angels

"Sweet Angel Canvas"

An 8x8" canvas using the Fabscrap Christmas range.



- Start by painted the entire canvas with gesso this will give the paper something stronger to stick to.
- Next cut the 2 little angels out of the corner of paper C61 004.
- Cut a piece a little smaller than the canvas from paper Festive bells C61 004 and adhering it to the front of the canvas.

Center swirls

- Next cut a piece larger than the canvas enough that it will cover all 4 sides as well as the front of the canvas out of Special Times C61 003
- Fold the square into halves but so it looks like a triangle, then fold it the opposite way where the creases join this is your center.
- Starting at the center cut along the 4 folds but don't go all the way to the edge leaving approx 2' border around the paper.
- then you should have 4 cut outs in the center, cut each of these 4 pieces into 5 strips leaving each one with a point in the middle going larger as you head out to the outside of the paper.
- distress and ink all our your now cut edges
- Roll each of the strips over a pencil folding outwards to help with the curling process.

Covering the canvas

- Now attach the paper to the canvas covering the front and side
- I have also added small amounts of texture paste to the edges and sides of the canvas then coloured it with gelatos in pink, green, silver and brown.
- Using a quick drying glue stick down each of the swirls to the border around the canvas.

- Ink and stick down the 2 little angels 

- Taking the chipboard chandelier from DC60 015 I have covered in gesso then used gelatos and water to colour it.

- add flowers and embellishments to finish of your canvas.

Extra products used

Green Tara flowers
misc paper doily
distress ink
texture paste