Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fabscraps Angels

"Sweet Angel Canvas"

An 8x8" canvas using the Fabscrap Christmas range.



- Start by painted the entire canvas with gesso this will give the paper something stronger to stick to.
- Next cut the 2 little angels out of the corner of paper C61 004.
- Cut a piece a little smaller than the canvas from paper Festive bells C61 004 and adhering it to the front of the canvas.

Center swirls

- Next cut a piece larger than the canvas enough that it will cover all 4 sides as well as the front of the canvas out of Special Times C61 003
- Fold the square into halves but so it looks like a triangle, then fold it the opposite way where the creases join this is your center.
- Starting at the center cut along the 4 folds but don't go all the way to the edge leaving approx 2' border around the paper.
- then you should have 4 cut outs in the center, cut each of these 4 pieces into 5 strips leaving each one with a point in the middle going larger as you head out to the outside of the paper.
- distress and ink all our your now cut edges
- Roll each of the strips over a pencil folding outwards to help with the curling process.

Covering the canvas

- Now attach the paper to the canvas covering the front and side
- I have also added small amounts of texture paste to the edges and sides of the canvas then coloured it with gelatos in pink, green, silver and brown.
- Using a quick drying glue stick down each of the swirls to the border around the canvas.

- Ink and stick down the 2 little angels 

- Taking the chipboard chandelier from DC60 015 I have covered in gesso then used gelatos and water to colour it.

- add flowers and embellishments to finish of your canvas.

Extra products used

Green Tara flowers
misc paper doily
distress ink
texture paste

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