Friday, June 22, 2012

"Garden Kids"
Created on a canvas using melted crayons, texture paste, paint and Green Tara goodies.
Products used ( Click on highlighted words to go directly to the product)
* Petals in a couple of colours in 7cm, 5cm & 4cm sizes all folded in half then in quarters to create a small bunch of flowers above the fence line.
* Flower vines in Gold & Cream
Roses in 1cm Yellow and 1.5cm in various sizes
Apple blossoms in various colours.
Self adhesive leaf garland cut up to create single leaves
Paint the background in what ever colour you like, Then using a stencil and texture paste that I have added a little grey paint to you can create the clouds at the top.

Attach your crayons in a row to the bottom of the canvas you can either leave the packets on or remove them as I have done. Now the fun but messy part, lay some newspaper down and holding your canvas upside down you can use a hair dryer or heat gun to start to melt the crayons a little at a time as they begin to drip move your canvas around so it creates long strings of wax these will become your stems, doing a little at a time will give you more control over your design continue until you are happy with the design you have created.

I have then removed a few of the middle crayons and added texture paste and popped some small pebbles I found in my garden into the texture paste to create a path, I added brown paint to the texture paste this time. You can also use fish tank pebbles as these are small.
Take some care when handling your canvas as a lot of big movements can cause your wax to crack to solve this just slightly heat it again to melt the cracked area.

You can then decorate the canvas however you want, I have just used a chipboard fence painted in white crackle paint along with green tara goodies.

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