Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hi all, I'm a little behind with things at the moment we have been renevating our girls room which was the garage and it involved pulling walls down and re-building them so they had a bigger bedroom, and we build new cupboard and shelves for each of the 4 girls in there and with only hubby and I doing it, it was a long 3 weeks of kids camping in other rooms, the smell of paint thru the house & sawdust everywhere.

This is the roof painted in blue with white clouds and glow in the dark stars cut with our cutting machine
Shyanne's bed with her own shelves and the peach door is a private cupboard for her.
Still putting doors on the clothing shelves and hanging space, green door is private cupboard for Ellalese.
Other side of the room has Alannah her private cupboard now has a door lol, the Ellalese's bed and shelves and Briony on the other end with her purple door private cupboard.
So for once they all have beds on the floor no more bunks, they have shelves each instead of having to share, and a special cupboard that the other girls can not get into. SO the she took my stuff or she touched my stuff is a thing of the past. Well I can dream can't I.

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