Saturday, December 7, 2013

Green Tara Share No..1

"Bright as a Flower"

This canvas is 4" x 12" I was given a pile of these canvas's from a friend, they are 12" by 4" so I have been creating gifts for friends.

Starting up one side of the canvas with have a white flower spray hidden behind an array of roses and cherry blossoms. Raffia has been tucked in behind the flowers to mimic the look of a bow along with some lace. 

As we go along the cluster of flowers grows to include more cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, gardenias and an azalea.

Up the other side and again a white flower spray has been used, cherry blossoms and apple blossoms along with more Raffia and lace.

Some tulle has been tucked in behind the paper and then heated with a heat gun to make it curl and shrink.

Green Tara Products used

5mm Raffia White CODE: RBJPWH
100mm Tulle Ivory 25m CODE: RB163IV
Flower Sprays White CODE: PFST1
Assorted 5cm Azaleas CODE: FLA100
White Apple Blossoms CODE: FDV044WH
Cherry Blossoms Pink CODE: FLC22P
1.5cm Roses Turquoise CODE: FDR003TU
1.5cm Roses Pale Pink CODE: FDR003PP
1.5cm Roses Hot Pink CODE: FDR003HP



  1. What an interesting size of canvas. It must have been so fun for you to create with it. It turned out great! Love that trendy pink/aqua color combo.


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