Thursday, February 13, 2014

I have been admiring these gorgeous clocks for some time now but never ventured, recently while at Kmart I found some little clocks they fit in your hand and were clearing them out for a couple of $$ each but they were bright blue with cars lol.

"Cherished Clock"

I gutted the entire thing and pulled it completely apart so I could work on the body and bell tops only leaving all the silver metal as is.

I love these small heirloom flowers they have got to be my fav fabric flower from GT

My gorgeous 2yr old gave me a story on these eggs while I was creating, she crept up to me and said Shhhh baby sleeping lol, then she proceeded to tell me they would go crack crack, ahh the sweet innocence of little kids. Once I had finished I showed her and said look they went crack crack and out came a baby bird, her jaw dropped and she just smiled and said cute lol.

More gorgeous blooms fill the inside of the clock along with some gold stamens.

Chipboard clock coated in more GT blooms including cherry blossoms and roses.

A gorgeous   flower tucked behind the banner.

Some pearl trim was added around the top.

The outside of the clock was first given a few coats of gesso, then texture paste added here and there, once dry white crackle paint was also added here and there. The lots of spray inks were used to create the colours.

Green Tara products used

Cherry Blossoms Cream CODE: FLC22C
1 cm Roses White CODE: FDR001WH
2cm Rose White CODE: FDR009WH
3cm White Roses CODE: FDR024WH
Stamen 60mm Gold Pearl CODE: ST048GO

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